Life Groups are weekly experiences where you can get together with old friends or make new ones. You can gather around a hobby or activity, read the Bible and pray together, have dinner or playdates with the kids, or even just discuss the weekend messages. Life Groups take place in backyards, living rooms, cafes and parks, made up of everyone from kids, to couples, to seniors.
We believe that real freedom is found through great relationships. God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us! So find your Life Group, connect with some great people and allow God to move in your life.

Life Group Sign Ups Are Open Now!

Chase & Miranda's Young Adult Group
When: Every Other Sunday at 12:30pm
Who: Young Adults
Subject: Get Connected Over Lunch

AJ's Bowling Group
When: Saturdays at 3:30pm
Who: Adults Only
Subject: Bowl One Game Per Week

David & Emily's Youth Group
When: Days and Times Vary
Who: 6th-12th Graders
Subject: Have FUN And Get Connected

Rob's Men's Coffee Group
When: Saturdays at 9:30am
Who: Men Only
Subject: Build authentic  relationships over a cup of coffee.

Ruwe & Barker's "The Chosen" Video Study
When: Wednesdays at 6pm
Who: Adults- No Childcare
Subject: Book Study - "The Chosen" 

Dustin & Jessica's Family Group
When: Wednesdays at 6pm
Who: Family Friendly
Subject: Adults will play cards while kids play together. Dessert will be served.

Chris' Women's Coffee Group
When: Saturdays at 10am
Who: Women Only- No Childcare
Subject:  Providing time for women to connect with women and feel like they have a safe place to be their truest selves. 

Randy & Kelley's Bible Study Group
When: Mondays at 6pm
Who: Adults (Family Friendly)
Subject: Bible Study-"Sharing The Spirit Led Life"

Nathan's Breakfast Group
When: Sundays at 6am
Who: Men- Family Friendly
Subject: Build Relationships While Enjoying Breakfast.

Hope's Walking Group
When: Days/Times Vary
Who: Anyone is welcome.
Subject: Create opportunity for exercise while connecting with others.

Megan's Playdate Group
When: Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Who: Family Friendly
Subject:  Giving Families An Opportunity To Gather And Have Fun With Other Families.

Lynnette's Women's Group
When: Tuesday Evenings
Who: Women
Subject: Get connected over a cup of coffee or a meal.

Ashley & Stacy's Family Group
When: Wednesdays at 6pm
Who: Family Friendly
Subject: Get Connected With Other Families Over A Light Meal.

This Group Is Full
Suzi's Women & Finances Group

Suzi's Women & Finances Group
When: Thursdays at 6:30pm
Who: Women Only- No Childcare
Subject: Learning the basics of budgeting so you can begin to find freedom in the area of your finances.  Materials will be provided. 

Marta's Family Group
When: Days/Times Vary
Who: Family Friendly
Subject: Different Fun Activities With Other Families